If you’ve come to this page, you probably have a question or you need information about your water and/or wastewater service. In these pages you’ll find what you’re looking for or learn when it’s best to talk to Customer Service. 

Running a proactive maintenance program for water and wastewater pipes, wells, booster stations, reservoirs, lift stations and other assets is what ensures our community has safe, efficient and reliable water and sewer service. We bring clean, safe water to your tap every day, and transport the wastewater from your home or business to King County’s regional wastewater conveyance line, which then conveys the sewage to their wastewater treatment plants.
Did you know that as a District customer, you’re also a part owner of this incredibly complex system which helps ensure the health of our community? Unlike with taxes, when you pay for your water or sewer service, 100% of the money goes towards the programs and infrastructure necessary to bring clean water to your home and remove wastewater. 
If what you’re looking for isn’t in these pages, our Customer Service representatives will have the answer. Feel free to contact customer service at 425.392.6256 or e-mail
  1. Account Access and Payment

    We've made it easy to do everything from paying your bill to viewing your account for water usage.

  2. Smart Water Meters

    Learn about our new smart water meter installation program in 2016.

  3. Am I Located in the District?

    New to the area? Not sure if your home or business is inside the District boundary? Here’s an easy way to find out.

  4. Start or Stop Water/Sewer Service

    A written request is required to start or stop water/sewer service within the District. We have made it easy by providing a form which can be submitted electronically or you can choose to print and mail or bring in the form to the District office.

  5. Water and Sewer Rates

    View water and sewer rates for single family, multi-family, public institutional, commercial, industrial and irrigation.

  6. Emergency Troubleshooting

    Be familiar with the list of common issues that require a call to the water or wastewater departments.

  7. Let Us Help (Non Emergency)

    Here you can find information on frequently asked questions and you can submit a question to be answered on the next business day. Please call us at 425.392.6256 for issues needing an immediate response.

  8. Cross Connections and Backflow Prevention

    In our complex water system, everything is connected. The District's cross connection and backflow prevention program required by Washington State regulations is designed to keep pollutants and contaminants from entering your clean drinking water system. Here you can find information related to cross connections and backflow prevention.

  9. Grinder Pump Issues

    Review key points about grinder pumps and find out what to do in case of a grinder pump alarm.

  10. Call 811 Before You Dig

    Call 811 before you dig to identify underground utilities.

  11. Forms Center

    View and complete current Sammamish Plateau Water forms for all District services.

  12. Sign Up For Notifications