Your Water

  1. It's Your Water

    This is where you can learn more about where your water comes from.

  2. Using Water Wisely

    Your efforts to use water efficiently can extend our water supply, especially during drought periods.

  3. Annual Drinking Water Reports

    Browse and read current and past water reports, issued annually.

  4. Water Operations

    The goal of the Water Operations Staff is to provide adequate and uninterrupted water supply for clean, safe, potable water for domestic and commercial consumption and fire protection.

  5. Wastewater (Sewer) Operations

    When it comes to transporting wastewater, protecting public health is paramount. The goal of wastewater operations is to provide uninterrupted sanitary sewer conveyance and mitigate overflows into streams, lakes, and private property. Find out more about the various operations in maintaining the wastewater system.

  6. Regional Water and Wastewater Partnerships

    As a water and wastewater utility, the District is party to two primary regional contractual partnerships (Cascade Water Alliance and King County Wastewater Treatment Division) to meet its service commitments to District customers. Learn more about these partnerships in the following pages.

  7. Emergency Planning

    Emergencies or disaster situations can include windstorms, floods, earthquakes and seasonal weather events. In a severe or prolonged emergency, it is possible that the water and sewer systems may be out of operation for a period of time. Learn what you can do to prepare in the case of emergency and ensure your family has the supplies they need.