Call Before You Dig

Call 811 before you dig. It's the Law.
Under your yard is a complex network of pipes, service lines and wires carrying power, phone, cable, natural gas, water, sewer and other essential services. If you break them, you’ll pay for them, and it could cause a catastrophic event in your neighborhood.

Calling for Locates
Even if you're digging with a shovel to plant a tree, you should call for utility locates. It's easy and costs you nothing, and it's the law. You can go to the Washington 811 Website  or call "811" 2 days before digging to get utilities marked.

District Responsibility
The District is required, when notified of a request to locate buried utilities by Washington 811, to mark water and sewer utilities in the project area. The District is responsible for marking District owned utilities only.

The District owns the water distribution piping up to and including the water meter and will only mark to that point. The privately owned portion of the pipeline is the responsibility of the customer.

The District owns the wastewater (sewer) main. The side sewer is owned by the customer and is their responsibility to locate.