Water Operations

Keeps your water clean, safe and always there when you need it.
Think about it: Water and food are the two most important things to sustain life. For us it’s even more than that. It’s about ensuring that your water is clean, safe, and reliable so you can count on it always being there day after day. Maintaining a solid infrastructure that transports the water is vital to life, but also to economic vitality. There are numerous regulatory requirements that we must meet, yet what drives us most is our customers. That’s what keeps us on the leading edge of technology, system management, long-range maintenance, fiscal and environmental stewardship.

It may seem to you like the clean water is always there, but that’s because we’re literally always here, working behind the scenes to make it happen.

Cool facts about your water system.

  • Approximately 290 miles of water main
  • 12 operating wells
  • 8 reservoirs (water storage tanks)
  • 8 booster pump stations (to move water uphill)
  • 2 regional water connections
  • 2,450 fire hydrants
  • Distributed 1.92 billion gallons of clean water in 2015, in a reliable and cost effective manner with no adverse compliance or environmental issues.
  • A state-of-the-art computerized monitoring and control system used to measure reservoir levels, water production, water pressure and flow. 
  • The District has been a steward of this water resource since 1948.

Maintaining the reliability of your water service means maintaining every working part of the system to ensure an uninterrupted clean water supply for homes, businesses and fire protection. Water Operations staff provides the maintenance support, technical knowledge and expertise to achieve this goal.  The Water Operations staff ensures 24-hour reliable service to our customers.