Grinder Pump Issues

If you’re hearing a grinder pump alarm, please call us immediately at 425.392.6256 

What is a grinder pump and why is it important?
Wastewater from your home typically drains downhill by gravity through the sewer system. If gravity service is not available on your property, you have a grinder pump to force wastewater uphill to the sewer mains. This pump “grinds” up your sewage into smaller pieces before moving it uphill into the sewer mainlines.

What’s the alarm you’re hearing and why is it going off?
If there is too much flow going into your grinder pump unit, the higher sewage level will trigger an alarm horn and light to alert you to a problem. Stop all use of water and toilets and call the District.

You will find a button to silence the alarm on the external portion of the electrical box located near the grinder tank. Push this button to turn off the alarm and call the District. A staff member will respond to check out your system.

If your grinder pump alarm is going off, do not flush or use water!
Your storage tank level can be too high to receive any additional water or wastewater. To protect your property do not flush your toilet or use any water until the District has cleared you to do so.

How does a power outage impact grinder pump function?
During a power outage, your grinder pump will not function, so it’s important not to flush toilets or use water as this can cause sewage to back up into your home. Many of our customers own and operate generators during power outages. Before purchasing and using a generator for your grinder pump, always consult a licensed electrician. 

How to treat your grinder pump system.
Treat your grinder pump sewage system gently! Only put biodegradable products down the drain. Try to use liquid dish soap and liquid laundry detergent. Do not place trash or debris, such as disposable or flushable wipes into your system or any fats, oils, and grease down the drain, since this may cause your system to fail.