Initiation Phase

The Initiation Phase starts the formal Developer Extension Agreement (DEA) process between the Developer and District. The Initiation Phase starts with the Application and ends with an approved DEA and provision of Certificates of Water and/or Sewer Availability. DEA Initiation Phase Detail (PDF) for Printing.

DEA Process Header: Steps and Submittals; Connection and Process Fees and Charges
This process chart shows key information regarding the Initiation Phase of Development

1. Application for DEA

  • Who 
    • Applicant
    • Property Owners
    • Engineer (if known)
    • Agent (if applicable)
  • Owners’ Signatures

  • Where
    • Tax Parcels
  • Scope
    • Describe Project
    • Size of Water Meters
    • Number of Water Meters
    • Sewer or Septic

2. Application Fee

  • $1,500
  • Paid when completed Application for a DEA is provided to the District.
  • The fee is non-refundable.

3. District Prepares DEA

  • District uses information on the Application to fill out the DEA for this specific project, including identification of anticipated fees based on the specific property and scope of the project.

4. Applicant and Owner Sign & Return the DEA

  • Both the applicant and property owner must sign the DEA before it is returned to the District. The signatures must be notarized as well.
  • If the property is held jointly (e.g. married couple), both owners must sign the DEA, or provide the paperwork that indicates the individual’s right to sign for the ownership group.

5. Partial General Facility Charge (GFC) Payment

  • Water: $1,000 per ERU
  • Sewer: $1,000 per ERU
  • ERU = Equivalent Residential Unit
Meter Size
3/4-inch 1
1-inch 2.5
1-1/2-inch 5
2-inch 8
3-inch 16
4-inch 25
  • Paid when the signed DEA is provided to the District for approval.
  • If the project is terminated following payment of the Partial GFC only a portion may be refundable. The refund, if approved by the District Board of Commissioners, may be up to:
    • Maximum Refund of Water GFC: $500 per ERU
    • Maximum Refund of Sewer GFC: $500 per ERU

6. Development Services Deposit
 1-9 Single Family Lots - $5,000; More than 9 Single Family Lots and All Other Projects - $10,000
 Paid when the signed DEA is provided to the District for approval.

  • Deposit is held until successful completion of the project and then refunded.
  • Deposit may be used to cover any unpaid fees or charges.

7. DEA Scheduled before Board of Commissioners

  • When a complete DEA Application, Partial GFC Payment and Development Services Deposit has been received, District staff will schedule DEA approvals for the next available Board of Commissioner meeting.
  • The Board of Commissioners normally meet the first, second and third Mondays of each month. Items must be received by the Monday preceding the meeting.

8. Board of Commissioners Approves DEA

  • The Board of Commissioners will consider and may approve the DEA, by resolution. Following Board approval a Notice of DEA Obligation will be recorded against the property included in the DEA.

9. District Provides Certificates of Availability

  • Certificates of Water and/or Sewer Availability will be prepared following Board approval of the DEA.
  • The Certificates of Availability are valid for one year following issuance for use with submittal to the City or County with the development proposal. Once the City or County has received the Certificates as part of a complete application proposal, the Certificates stay valid as part of that development project. If a project is terminated by the City or County, new Certificates will be required for re-application.
  • If the development proposal covered by the DEA does not require Certificates of Availability, this step is skipped.

10. Development Services Payments

  • Starting after Board of Commissioners approval of the DEA, the District’s labor costs and expenses will be billed to the Developer on a Time and Materials basis throughout the development project.
  • Invoices will be provided on a monthly basis and charges are due within 30 days.