Design Phase

The Design Phase starts with a Pre-Design meeting between the Developer’s Engineer and District Project Manager, and ends with final approved construction plans. Design Phase PDF for Printing

DEA Process Header: Steps and Submittals; Connection and Process Fees and Charges
This chart shows details of the design phase with corresponding numbers to specific details

11. Development Services Payments

  • Bills for the District’s labor costs and expenses will be billed to the Developer on a Time and Materials basis throughout the development project.
  • Invoices will be provided on a monthly basis and charges are due within 30 days.

12. Pre-Design Meeting

  • A Pre-Design meeting is strongly encouraged to gain an understanding of District facility requirements and expectations, and to limit District review time and expense.
  • Design Standards are available on the District website.
  • Provide link to standards

13. Developer’s Engineer Designs Facilities & District Reviews Design

  • Developer’s Engineer provides 3-sets of hard copy plans for the water and/or sewer facilities for District review.
  • The design/review process is an iterative process. Almost no plans are approved following their first review.
  • The District Project Manager will review the plans and provide comments back to the Developer’s Engineer. Normally very specific comments are provided, and paying close attention to the review comments can limit the number of reviews.
  • The reviews may take 2-4 weeks to complete. The review time provided is only an estimate. The actual review time will be dependent upon the complexity of the project and the work load associated with other active projects.

14. Remaining General Facility Charge (GFC) Payment

  • Remaining GFCs can be paid any time between Application for DEA and District Approval of Plans. They must be paid prior to District Approval of the Plans.
    • Payment of Remaining GFCs locks the GFC rate for those ERUs.
    • The number of ERUs will be re-evaluated prior to payment to adjust for any changes in project scope.
  • Water = $6,019 per ERU - less Partial GFC Payment
  • Sewer = $3,064 per ERU - less Partial GFC Payment
  • ERU = Equivalent Residential Unit
Meter Size
1-inch 2.5
1-1/2-inch 5
2-inch 8
3-inch 16
4-inch 25
  • If the project is terminated following payment of the Remaining GFCs only a portion of the GFC may be refundable. The refund, if approved by the District Board of Commissioners, may be up to:
    • Maximum Refund of Water GFC: $500 per ERU
    • Maximum Refund of Sewer GFC: $500 per ERU
  • Any GFC amounts not refunded will stay with the property as a credit toward future water and/or sewer GFC payments.

15. District Approves Plans

  • The District will approve the plans for the water and/or sewer facilities after all comments noted in the design review process have been addressed.
  • In addition, all Remaining General Facility Charges must be paid, and all Development Services bills sent to date be paid in full.
  • District approval is noted by District General Manager signature in the District signature block on the final plan mylars.
  • Following District signature the Developer provides the District will the following full Plan sets:
    • 3 Full-size with Standards
    • 2 Half-size with Standards
    • Electronic - PDF format
    • Additional copies may be required for permit or other agency approvals.