Pre-Construction Phase

The Pre-Construction Phase includes provision of all required permits and easements, and submittal of documents and guarantees required for the project construction. The Pre-Construction Phase ends with the Pre-Construction meetings. 

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DEA Process Header: Steps and Submittals; Connection and Process Fees and Charges
Table showing the steps and numbered parts of this part of the process

16. Development Services Payments

  • Bills for the District’s labor costs and expenses will be billed to the Developer on a Time and Materials basis throughout the development project.
  • Invoices will be provided on a monthly basis and charges are due within 30 days.

17. District Applies for Right-of-Way Permits

  • The District will apply for Right-of-Way permits with the appropriate City or County. This covers work in existing rights-of way.
  • Costs associated with the Right-of-Way Permit application and City or County charges will be included in the Development Services Payments.

18. Developer Provides Easements & Permits

  • The Developer is responsible for obtaining all permits except Right-of-Way permits. This may include, but is not limited to, Clear and Grading, Shoreline and Special Use permits. The permits must be provided prior to the pre-construction meeting.
  • Developer is also responsible for obtaining any offsite easements prior to the pre-construction meeting. [Easements that are located on the property being developed may be provided at the end of construction.]

19. Developer Provides Submittals

  • The Developer or their contractor must provide submittals, including but not limited to:
    • Materials and Equipment Submittals
    • Certificate of Insurance
    • Itemized construction bids for the water and/or sewer facilities
  • The submittals must be provided with enough time for District review prior to the Pre-Construction meeting. 3 copies provided at least 10 days prior to the proposed start of construction. The construction bids must be provided a minimum of 5-days prior to the Pre-Construction meeting.

20. Performance Guarantee Provided

  • The Developer must provide a Performance Guarantee in the amount of 100 percent of the water and/or sewer facility construction bid. The Performance Guarantee forms include Performance Surety Bond and Cash Performance and Pledge of Monies Agreement.
  • The Performance Guarantee remains in effect until the District has accepted the work, received all required paperwork and payments, and a Maintenance Guarantee has been provided.

21. District Reviews Submittals

  • District will review all Developer submittals including
    • Permits
    • Easements
    • Materials and equipment information
    • Certificate of Insurance - for each contractor who will be working on the water and/or sewer facilities
    • Water and/or sewer facility itemized construction bids
    • Performance Guarantee
  • The submittals may be returned for re-submittal if they are found to be incorrect or incomplete.

22. District Approves Submittals

  • District will approve Developer submittals after a review indicates they are correct.
  • Following approval, the Developer may request to schedule a Pre-Construction meeting.

23. Right-of-Way Permits Approved

  • City or County officials must approve the right-of-way permits requested by the District prior to scheduling the Pre-Construction meetings.

24. Pre-Construction Meetings

  • There are normally two pre-construction meetings for a project.
    • Office Meeting
    • Field Right-of-Way Meeting with City or County inspector
  • The Pre-Construction meeting must be held at least 48 hours prior to the start of construction. All contractors and sub-contractors that will be working on the water and/or sewer facilities must be present.