Close-Out Phase

The Close-Out Phase is for the final check of the facilities after they have been in service for at least 24 months. At the conclusion, final accounting will be completed including any final payments and refunds of deposits. Close-Out Phase PDF for Printing

DEA Process Header: Steps and Submittals; Connection and Process Fees and Charges
Steps of the Close-Out Phase of the DEA process, including charges and submittal info

42. Development Services Payments

  • Bills for the District’s labor costs and expenses will be billed to the Developer on a Time and Materials basis throughout the development project.
  • Invoices will be provided on a monthly basis and charges are due within 30 days.

43. 23-Month Inspection

  • The Maintenance Guarantee period starts when the District accepts the facilities at the end of the Construction Phase.
  • The Maintenance Guarantee period is for 2-years if final paving was completed when the facilities were accepted.
  • If the final paving was phased, the Maintenance Guarantee period will be extended until 2-years after the District has accepted the adjustment of facilities in the final paving.
  • The last inspection occurs at approximately 23 months into the final 2 year Maintenance Guarantee period.
  • Inspection of water and/or sewer facilities before release of Maintenance Guarantee
    • Developer jets the sewer system
    • The District will provide the Developer with a list of water and/or sewer Punchlist items that need correction. The Punchlist Inspection and corrections will be repeated until all items have been satisfactorily completed.

    •  Developer provides current backflow assembly test reports.

44. District Accepts Corrections

The District accepts the water and/or sewer facilities after corrections identified during the 23-Month Inspection have been completed.

45. Final District Accounting

Provide the final bill to the Developer for the last inspection work and verify all invoices for District work have been paid.

  • Release Maintenance Guarantee
  • Refund Development Services Deposit

46. Maintenance Guarantee Returned to Developer

Release Maintenance Guarantee to the Developer, either as a letter to release the surety bond, or as refunding the funds pledged under the Cash Maintenance and Pledge of Monies Agreement.

47. Remaining Deposits Returned to Developer

Refund the Development Services Deposit collected at initiation of the DEA.