Start or Stop Water/Sewer Service

EFFECTIVE FEBRUARY 22, 2021: Sammamish Plateau Water has temporarily paused new sewer connections for 90 days in key areas with limited sewer capacity. Affected sewer basins include: Northeast Plateau, Beaver Dam, Inglewood East, Tiburon, North Lake Sammamish, and Central Lake Sammamish.

For details and maps regarding this 90-day moratorium, please visit

A written request is required to start or stop service within the District. We have made it easy by providing a form for you to submit electronically. 

When purchasing or selling a home to complete the form you will need:

  • Date of possession
  • Buyer and seller name(s)
  • Address of the home
  • Forwarding address for the seller
  • Contact Phone Numbers for both buyer and seller

To complete the form for a rental home you will need :

  • Date of possession
  • Tenants name and contact phone number
  • Address of the rental home
  • Owner/landlord name, forwarding address and contact phone number
  • If applicable, property management name, mailing address and contact phone number

To establish or discontinue service to your home, use the Start/Stop Service Form.

Still have questions? Customer Service will be happy to help please call us at: 425.392.6256 or e-mail us at