If you’ve come to this page, you probably have a question or you need information about your water and/or wastewater service. In these pages you’ll find what you’re looking for or learn when it’s best to talk to Customer Service. 

Running a proactive maintenance program for water and wastewater pipes, wells, booster stations, reservoirs, lift stations and other assets is what ensures our community has safe, efficient and reliable water and sewer service. We bring clean, safe water to your tap every day, and transport the wastewater from your home or business to King County’s regional wastewater conveyance line, which then conveys the sewage to their wastewater treatment plants.

Did you know that as a District customer, you’re also a part owner of this incredibly complex system which helps ensure the health of our community? Unlike with taxes, when you pay for your water or sewer service, 100% of the money goes towards the programs and infrastructure necessary to bring clean water to your home and remove wastewater. 

If what you’re looking for isn’t in these pages, our Customer Service representatives will have the answer. Feel free to contact customer service at 425.392.6256 or e-mail