Water/Sewer Service for a House

(For information on new water and/or sewer service for a development, visit Water/Sewer Service for a Development)

Our job at the District is to assist you through all the steps to bring water and/or sewer service to a new home, existing home or additional service to an ADU (accessory dwelling unit), detached garage, studio, shop or office. It’s also our job to ensure everything gets done properly to protect the water and public safety. This page is a brief overview of the process so you can plan ahead and know what’s next.

How do I get water/sewer service for my house? 

  • Get a quote from the District for water and/or sewer connection 
    • We will provide information in the quote about the cost to obtain service and whether a water and/or sewer main extension would be required.
  • Print, complete and submit a Certificate of Availability Application 
    • Email completed and scanned applications to connectinfo@spwater.org
    • District staff will review your application and inform you of the cost to obtain the Certificate(s) and whether any additional agreements are required to obtain the Certificate(s). Additional agreements may include: future connection to water, future connection to sewer, and no protest for annexation.
    • Pay for your certificate of availability. 
    • We will provide you a certificate of availability to submit with your application for your building permit at your local jurisdiction.
  • Pay applicable fees identified in the quote for service received in step 1 and apply for water and/or sewer permit(s).
    • Please note that all fees are subject to change without prior notice.  
    • Water and/or sewer permit applications must be completed at the District office.
      • You will need the following information to complete the application forms:  
        • Property Owner Contact Information 
        • Service Location: Address and Tax Parcel Number 
        • Side Sewer Contractor Name (Sewer Applications only) Request a current Side Sewer Contractor List 
    • If there are associated service agreements, such as a Grinder Pump Service Agreement or Non-Standard Service Line Agreement, required for service to your house, those must be signed during the service application process. 

Note: You can make payments by cash or check only. Checks should be made out to Sammamish Plateau Water and Sewer District. 

Water and/or Sewer Service Installation Processes

Water Service installation includes: 

  • Meter installed in a meter box, normally adjacent to the property in the right-of-way. The meter is installed by the District. 
  • Private service line from the meter to your house. The private service line is installed by the property owner’s contractor.
  • If your house will have fire sprinklers or an in-ground irrigation system, a backflow prevention device will also be required as part of the private service line. 

 Water service installation schedule:   

  • Installation of the water meter can be requested any time after the Water Service Application and any associated agreements have been paid for and completed.
  • Meter installation can take 6 weeks or more if a new service must be tapped onto a water main, and includes getting permits, such as a right-of-way permit, necessary for this work. Please preplan and schedule appropriately. 

 Sewer Service installation includes: 

  • Side sewer connection from a side sewer stub or sewer main to the house. The side sewer connection is installed by the property owner’s contractor. The side sewer contractor must be registered with the District. Request a current Side Sewer Contractor List. (billing@spwater.org) The District inspects all side sewer connections.

       Side Sewer Contractor Application(pdf)

  • If the house is located lower than the sewer main, a grinder pump system may be required. Installation and purchase of the grinder pump system is done by the property owner’s registered side sewer contractor. A Grinder Pump Service Agreement will need to be executed by the property owner.  An electrical inspection by Labor & Industries of the grinder pump system power connection is required in addition to the District’s inspection.

Sewer service installation schedule:  

  • Right-of-way Permit: This permit is required if any work will be done in the public-right-of-way. In the City of Issaquah or King County, the District will apply to the City or County for this permit. In the City of Sammamish, the side sewer contractor is responsible for applying for the Right-of-Way permit. The City or County can take 2-4 weeks to issue a Right-of-Way permit. If a side sewer stub has previously been extended onto the owner’s property, a right-of-way permit may not be required.
  • Clearing & Grading Permit: A Clearing and Grading permit may be required by the City or County for trenching work done on private property. The side sewer work may be covered by other permits obtained for work on the property.
  • The Side Sewer Contractor must request a Pre-Construction meeting with the District prior to starting any side sewer construction. The request for a pre-construction meeting must be made at least 24-hours in advance of the requested meeting time. Side sewer pre-construction meetings and inspections are available three days per week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM.   

If your house is already connected to the water and/or sewer system and you need to start service, please complete a Start/Stop Service Form.  

Still have questions? We will be happy to help please call us at: 425.295.3212 or e-mail us at DEA@spwater.org.