Water Comprehensive Plan

2018 Water Comprehensive Plan 

On October 7, 2019 the Sammamish Plateau Water & Sewer District Board of Commissioners adopted the 2018 Final Water Comprehensive Plan (2018 Final Plan). The 2018 Final Plan is comprehensive, considering all aspects of provision of water service, and describes the strategies that the District plans to implement over the next 20 years to continue to supply high quality water to its customers, meet its present and future supply and infrastructure needs and continue to comply with complex federal and state water quality regulations.

The 2018 Final Plan is now being submitted to the Washington State Department of Health, King County, the City of Issaquah, and the City of Sammamish, for their formal approval.

The 2018 Final Plan is available here for review:  

2018 WCP Table of Contents and Executive Summary
2018 Chapter 1 – Description of Water System
2018 Chapter 2 – Basic Planning Data and Water Demand Forecast
2018 Chapter 3 – System Analysis
2018 Chapter 4 – Conservation, Supply Analysis, Water Rights, System Reliability and Interties
2018 Chapter 5 – Source Water Protection
2018 Chapter 6 – Operation and Maintenance Program
2018 Chapter 7 – Distribution Facilities Design and Construction Standards
2018 Chapter 8 – Capital Plan
2018 Chapter 9 – Financial Summary
2018 Chapter 10 – Implementation
2018 Appendix A – Water Facilities Inventory
2018 Appendix B – History of Moratoriums and Allocations, and Group B Water Systems in Future RWSA
2018 Appendix C – Well Data Sheets, 2008-2016 Water Production
2018 Appendix D – Intertie and Interagency Agreements
2018 Appendix E – Future Water Connection Agreement
2018 Appendix F – Design Standards
2018 Appendix G – District Resolutions (GFCs, LFCs, ULIDs)
2018 Appendix H – Reimbursement Agreement
2018 Appendix I – Developer Extension Agreement
2018 Appendix J – Water Quality Monitoring
2018 Appendix K – Application for Water Service
2018 Appendix L – Cross-Connection Control Program
2018 Appendix M – Hydraulic Model Development and Calibration
2018 Appendix N – Cascade WUE Goal and Reclaimed Water Analysis
2018 Appendix O – Well Susceptibility Forms
2018 Appendix P – Wellhead Protection Area Delineation Update
2018 Appendix Q – Spill Incident Response Plan
2018 Appendix R – Operation and Maintenance Program Details
2018 Appendix S – Water Shortage Response Plan
2018 Appendix T – Financial Summary Appendix
2018 Appendix U – SEPA Checklist and Notice of Action
2018 Appendix V – Draft Plan Comments and Responses

Please note: Some of these files are large and may take several minutes to download. We appreciate your patience!

Questions or Comments?

Pursuant to the Washington Public Disclosure Act, written comments constitute a public record, subject to public release. Questions or comments on the 2018 Final Plan can be provided to the District by:

US Mail
Sammamish Plateau Water
Attn: Jay Regenstreif
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