2013 Wastewater Comprehensive Plan 

2013 Wastewater (Sewer) Comprehensive Plan
The 2013 Wastewater Comprehensive Plan is a full plan update for the provision of sewer service to the urban areas of the District. The plan considers land use regulations within three jurisdictions, unincorporated King County, the City of Sammamish and the City of Issaquah. Consideration of local service builds upon the Conceptual Sewer Layout developed for the 2003 Plan, and reflects new sewer facilities installed since the original Conceptual Layout. Regional service alternatives are analyzed. This plan has been developed in conjunction with the District's budget and capital improvement program.

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Table of Contents and Executive Summary
Chapter 1  Description of Sewer System
Chapter 2  Planning Data and Sewer Flow Projections
Chapter 3  System Analysis
Chapter 4  Service Strategy
Chapter 5  Operations and Maintenance Program
Chapter 6  Sewer System Policies
Chapter 7  Capital Improvement Plan
Chapter 8  Financial Summary
Chapter 9  Implementation Plan
Appendix A  SEPA Checklist
Appendix B  King County Agreement for Sewage Disposal
Appendix C  Temporary Sewer Agreement with Lakeside Industries
Appendix D  Northeast Sammamish Sewer and Water District Agreement Appendix E  District Technical Specifications and Design Standards
Appendix F  King County DNR Flow Monitoring Data
Appendix G  Hydraulic Monitoring Results
Appendix H  District Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) Program
Appendix I  North Diversion Alignment Options and Cost Estimates
Appendix J  King County Water Reclamation Evaluation Checklist
Appendix K  Financial Analysis
Appendix L  Agency Comments
Appendix Maps:  Capital Improvement Projects and Modeled Sewer Pipes

Sewer Basins Maps
The basin plan figures included in Chapter 7 of the 2013 Wastewater Comprehensive Plan show the existing sewer system as well as a conceptual layout of of the future sewer system.  The future locations are intended for planning purposes, and the exact locations of future sewers will be based on detailed engineering.

Figure 3-1: Sewer Basins
Figure 7-1:  Northeast Plateau Basin
Figure 7-2:  Beaver Dam Basin
Figure 7-3:  Inglewood East Basin
Figure 7-4:  Tiburon Basin
Figure 7-5:  North Lake Sammamish Basin
Figure 7-6:  Central Lake Sammamish Basin
Figure 7-7:  Mallard Bay Basin
Figure 7-8:  Trossachs Basin
Figure 7-9:  Yellow Lake Basin
Figure 7-10: North Sunnyhills Basin
Figure 7-11: Laughing Jacobs Basin
Figure 7-12: Pine Lake Basin
Figure 7-13: Freegard Basin