Please Don't Flush Wipes Down the Toilet!

The label might say, “flushable,” “disposable,” “sewer and septic safe,” or “biodegradable.” The wipe size might be smaller. It makes no difference, because baby wipes can still clog your toilets and possibly cause a sewer backup into your home.

We often see items such as sanitary wipes, diapers, feminine hygiene products, dental floss, wads of hair, toys, food waste and grease, cigarette butts, and other debris in our sewer system.

Please do not flush any of these items down your toilet!

Use a wastebasket with a lid to throw away these items to prevent possible sewer backups into your home. The diameter of your sewer service line may not be large enough to handle the overload. The only materials that should go in the toilet are human waste and toilet paper. Please share this information with your whole family!

Trash and debris also block our wastewater pumps and valves. An item might say "biodegradable" but it may block your sewer line before it has time to disintegrate. Our staff has to open the valves and remove the trash by hand.

Your efforts will help keep our wastewater system running smoothly and reduce maintenance costs. 

Thank you!

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