Smart Water Meters

Your new smart water meter will keep you better informed.

The District upgraded all customer water meters with new automated metering infrastructure (AMI) meters, also known as smart meters, in 2016. We have installed new smart meters at over 18,000 water connections, including your home or place of business.  The work should be completed by early 2017.

The cost of this upgrade is built into our rate structure to keep the system running safely and efficiently. This is part of our continuing commitment to bring clean, safe water to your home through cost-effective, innovative systems.

How they work.
Smart water meters use relatively low radio signals, similar to wireless internet, to transmit water readings back to the District. Instead of a person gathering usage information from the meter itself, it’s automatically transmitted to the District. Once all customer meters have been installed, the customer web portal will eventually provide you with more information about your water bills and help you identify leaks much faster.

The new water meters will do a lot for you starting in 2017.
Once the system is up and running, this technology will offer readings on a regular basis and provide better leak detection. You’ll  have access to a web portal, which will allow you to easily monitor your water consumption, compare current usage to previous periods, set email and text alerts and set budget and conservation goals. You may notice a different meter number referenced on your bill, but that is likely the only difference.

The new web portal features will be available after all water meters are installed.
You will probably want to know when you can access all of these great features. This process will take some time to implement. The system will go through a testing phase before the new features will be available.  Watch for future information on how to access the new web portal in 2017.

We've developed some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that provide more information about our smart meter installations.

If you have additional questions, please give us a call at 425.392.6256 or submit a non-emergency form and we will respond on the next business day. 

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