Frequently Asked Questions

What is a smart water meter?

A smart water meter is a system that uses wireless technology to send meter readings directly to Sammamish Plateau Water (District).

Why did we install these meters? 

It was time to replace your water meter and we wanted to install the most current and innovative technology available to provide you with new and better ways to monitor your water use. 

What are the benefits of the new smart water meters?

This technology offers you more consistent and accurate readings.  You will have the ability to receive alerts about any leaks in your water system. The new technology will also make the District more efficient, since meter readings will no longer be done manually. In addition, by reading meters remotely, we will reduce our carbon footprint by having fewer vehicles on the road.

Will I be able to access my account from my computer?

Yes, we will have a new web portal that will be available in 2017 once all of the meters are installed.  You will be able to access your account from your computer, laptop, tablet or cell phone. You will be able to:
  • Easily monitor your household water consumption.
  • Access to your hourly, daily and monthly usage charts.
  • Compare your current usage to previous periods.
  • Have better leak detection capability that sends you alerts when a leak occurs.
  • Receive email or text alerts about high or low consumption.
  • Have the ability to set water budget and conservation goals if desired.

When will I know the new system is available?

Watch our News Splash newsletter for updates. We will let you know when we are implementing the program.

When will my new water meter be installed?

Your new water meter will be installed by early 2017.

What if I have a problem with the water meter installation?

Please contact the District at our 24 hour after-hours number 425-392-6256 or submit a non-emergency form and we will respond on the next business day.