2MG Tank Improvements

Water tank located at District Headquarters

In the aftermath of a major earthquake or other major incident, our top priority will be to restore the water and sewer systems as soon as possible so that our customers will have access to these services. Over the next several months, you will most likely notice some exciting construction activities taking place around the large 2-million-gallon water storage tank in the parking lot of our headquarters on 228th Avenue SE. In our continuing efforts to provide our customers with clean, reliable drinking water even following emergency incidents, we will be making physical improvements to the tank that will not only enhance its earthquake stability, but also continue to maintain high-quality water within the tank and distribution system.

Even though our distribution systems are younger than others in the region, and are constructed with newer materials, we place a heavy emphasis on resiliency and redundancy of our systems and never stop looking for ways to improve. This important project makes improvements to the tank to maintain water quality, improve distribution, and increase seismic stability. In addition, a new mural will be painted on the outside that will illustrate the natural setting that makes this community a beautiful place to call home.
Browse the tabs to the left for additional project information and photos. Check back often for construction progress updates as we work to complete this important project within our limited window of opportunity before the peak summer demand is upon us.