Progress Updates & Photos

March 22, 2019

On Thursday, crews installed a concrete mat, or pad inside of the tank. The weight of the concrete is designed to further stabilize the tank in the event of an earthquake. The concrete mat is four feet deep and 62 feet in diameter. Over the course of seven hours, 41 concrete trucks delivered 452 cubic yards of concrete. The weight of all this concrete (not including the steel reinforcement bar) is 1,831,000 pounds or 915 tons!

March 15, 2019

Construction activities have started around the large 2-million-gallon water storage tank in our parking lot for the seismic retrofit upgrades! This week, the crews opened up an access point to get inside the empty tank and begin the process for pouring the concrete base next week. Steel reinforcing bar (or rebar for short) is being installed to strengthen the new concrete base that will be four feet deep! If you plan to visit our offices next week, please take extra care as you enter and exit the property and follow all posted signage.