Groundwater Awareness Week 2024 takes place March 10 - 12!

National Groundwater Association launched National Groundwater Awareness Week in 1999 to raise awareness of the importance of protecting this natural resource on which we rely. At their meeting on March 7, 2022, the Sammamish Plateau Water Board of Commissioners signed a proclamation and called upon customers to educate themselves on the important role groundwater plays in our lives and how to protect this natural resource. To read this proclamation, follow this link.

This lighthearted animation from Quest Science tells the story of groundwater: where it is, where it comes from, and where it goes:

Sammamish Plateau Water is committed to taking a collaborative approach with key partners in protecting the quality of our groundwater for present and future generations. Below are actions you can take now around your home to help protect our groundwater:

Go Native: Use native plants in your landscape. They look great, and don't need much water or fertilizer.

Reduce Chemical Use: Use fewer chemicals around your home and yard, and make sure to dispose of them properly - don't dump them on the ground!

Manage Waste: Properly dispose of potentially toxic substances like unused chemicals, pharmaceuticals, paint, motor oil, and other substances.

Don't Let It Run: Shut off the water when you brush your teeth or shaving, and don't let it run while waiting for it to get cold. Keep a pitcher of cold water in the fridge instead.

Fix the Drip: Check all the faucets, fixtures, toilets, and taps in your home for leaks and fix them right away or install water-conserving models.

Wash Smarter: Limit yourself to just a five-minute shower and challenge your family members to do the same! Also, make sure to only run full loads in the dish and clothes washer.

Water Wisely: Water the lawn and plants during the coolest parts of the day and only when they truly need it.

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle: Reduce the amount of "stuff" you use and reuse what you can. Recycle paper, plastic, cardboard, glass, aluminum and other materials.

Use Natural Alternatives: Use all natural/nontoxic household cleaners whenever possible. Materials such as lemon juice, baking soda, and vinegar make great cleaning products, are inexpensive, and environmentally friendly.

This material was reproduced from with the permission of The Groundwater Foundation. © The Groundwater Foundation. All Rights Reserved.