Hopelink Water Assistance Program

An announcement from HopeLink:
“While we are still actively seeing clients who previously booked their appointments and submitted their applications,
we cannot accept any new/additional applications now until October 2022.”


With funding from the Federal Low Income Housing Water Assistance Program (LIHWAP), Hopelink is offering a temporary emergency program that will help eligible households and families afford water and wastewater services. Hopelink's Water Assistance Program provides a one-time payment for eligible low-income households directly to the District.

Program Details

  • You can apply if you owe a current or past due balance on your water and/or sewer bill.
  • Required documents include your water/sewer bill from the District, proof of income, and identification for your household.
  • Up to $2,500 in assistance available to applicants to return accounts to $0.
  • Call (425) 658-2592 or visit Hopelink.org/energy to schedule an appointment.

Income Qualifications

Number of people in household
Monthly Income for LIHEAP grant
or less
or less
or less
or less
or less
or less