Interim North Lake Lift Station Capacity Improvements

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What’s happening on East Lake Sammamish PKWY SE

Interim North Lake Lift Station Capacity Improvements

Estimated Project Budget: $6,021,111.78.

Estimated Project Construction Time Frame: July 2023 – November 2024 


Sammamish Plateau Water is upgrading the North Lake Lift Station, located at 426 East Lake Sammamish PKWY SE, to ensure continued high quality sewer service and meet the needs of our growing community. Permits and applications are approved or pending for the following upgrades to begin in September of 2023:

  • New pump pit to house new 300 HP, 2,000 GPM capacity pump
  • Existing dry pit will be converted to additional sewer wet well storage to increase capacity
  • New standby generator building
  • New odor control building
  • Remodel of the electrical building

Only minor traffic revisions will be required during the project which is expected to take 14 months to complete.