What is fluoride?
Fluoride comes from the element fluorine and occurs naturally in the environment. Water fluoridation is the adjustment of the natural fluoride levels to the level recommended for public health by the Washington State Administrative Code. The United States Public Health Service has conducted extensive research on fluoridation levels for public health.

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1. What is fluoride?
2. Why do water providers add fluoride to their water supply?
3. How is fluoride added to the water supply?
4. How can I tell if I am in an area receiving fluoride?
5. Why are some areas of the District not fluoridated?
6. What if I don't want fluoride in my water?
7. Will the District reimburse me for costs I expend to install treatment devices to remove fluoride?
8. My dental care or health care provider has been giving our family fluoride supplements. Should I continue or stop using these supplements?
9. Where can I find more information about fluoridation?