Where can I find more information about fluoridation?
District customers may obtain additional information regarding this issue from a number of sources. The Internet provides a source of information using standard search engines, although before accepting any information found on the Internet at face value, you should carefully consider the source of the information. Your review of any literature about fluoridation should include a thorough examination of the author’s background and credentials, where the research was conducted, the year the article was published, whether or not the article is specific to community water fluoridation, and the methods used to conduct the research. Customers should contact their dentist or health care professional for specific information about the effects of fluoridation based on your specific health situation and that of your family members.

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1. What is fluoride?
2. Why do water providers add fluoride to their water supply?
3. How is fluoride added to the water supply?
4. How can I tell if I am in an area receiving fluoride?
5. Why are some areas of the District not fluoridated?
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7. Will the District reimburse me for costs I expend to install treatment devices to remove fluoride?
8. My dental care or health care provider has been giving our family fluoride supplements. Should I continue or stop using these supplements?
9. Where can I find more information about fluoridation?