Why am I being charged three different fees for sewer?
Each charge is for a different item. You pay the residential sewer charge to Sammamish Plateau Water to maintain the sewer pipes and facilities that remove wastewater from your home. The King County Wastewater Treatment charge covers King County's costs to treat and dispose of your sewage. You will find these two items on the bill you receive from Sammamish Plateau Water. King County also charges a sewer capacity charge for any home built after 1990. The sewer capacity charge pays for construction of infrastructure to enhance sewage treatment capacity to serve newly connected customers. The capacity charge ensures that all customers pay their share of the cost of capital improvements to provide them with sewage treatment service. You will receive a separate bill from King County for the sewer capacity charge. Please call King County at 206-296-1450 if you have questions about the sewer capacity charge.

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