Whom do I need to talk to about my project?
Depending on the scope of your project, you will contact different District staff members For a single family dwelling contact the District's Developer Extension Coordinator at (425) 392-6256. For short plats or plats, contact the District's Planning Engineer at (425)392-6256. For projects currently in design, contact the District's Engineering Manager at (425)392-6256.

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1. How can I get water service for my undeveloped property?
2. What fees are necessary for a water connection?
3. How do I determine whether or where there is water or sewer in my area?
4. Whom do I need to talk to about my project?
5. How long does it take for plans to be reviewed?
6. How can I get information about projects in my area?
7. Am I required to have a backflow assembly?
8. Who checks backflow assemblies once they are installed?
9. Can I dump construction water into the sewer?
10. Whom do I call if I have additional questions that are not covered here?